Meant to be-Me & Daming

4 years, almost as long as university, that’s the time I have been with the lovely family of Damingsoft.

Majored in Biomedical Engineering, I’m frequently asked why I ended up working in a software company. The reason is simple, I always loved computer science and English, and this job is perfect for me. On the other hand, it also seems that I’m meant to be here.

In March 4 years ago, I was about to graduate and I applied for this job at Damingsoft as well as a few other jobs. After the interview I was feeling quite confident, however, I didn’t get the call that I was hired. So I went to do an internship at a hospital instead which could have been my career where I might actually put in use what I learnt for 5 long years. But just over 2 weeks of internship, I decided that I didn’t want to work at a hospital at all. So I called Damingsoft and was told that the reason why I wasn’t hired was that I said I couldn’t start working until July.

The rest is history, I started an internship at Damingsoft by the end of that March and has been with Damingsoft to this day.

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温哥华映像:The Rockies

Thanks to the Team and especially Corbett, Logan and Serena. Jacky and I were able to catch the last Rocky Mountain Tour of the season.

First Stop ->Revelstoke. It was a very long drive, and when we got there, it’s time for dinner & beer!!

1. Hot waitress Mel in the bar:


2. Saturday — A peek of the Rockies!! In the middle is the very funny Guide TJ!!


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“欢乐的时光过得特别快,又到时候讲拜拜” - 周星星 《少林足球》



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