My Work Experience in Damingsoft

Got hired

From 2008.07 to 2009.06, I worked as a technical support. Rachel was my mentor and was of great help.

How I became a marketer

In the good old times, there was no marketing team in Damingsoft. Until one day, someone decided that she had had enough of it and pulled me to her office and assigned me the marketing specialist position.

That was July in 2009.

I was lost…

Although flattered and excited, I had no clue where to start. So, as any innocent one would do, I started from improving what had been there, Google Advertisements and the reseller program. Not fun as I thought it would be.

So Joya and I moved on to website improvement. Not long before we realized there were too many things to do. The aesthetics, the content and the navigation, none seemed quite right. The to-do list was so long, so we had to set priorities and then made a project plan. But things never went as expected … (Continued in the Project Management section) Continue reading My Work Experience in Damingsoft

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